What is this?

How does it work?

MyTrueQuote™ was designed to take the mystery and secrecy out of the insurance quoting process. With our years of experience in the insurance business, we are able to bring insurance buyers together with insurance companies that wish to compete for their business. At the same time, we are "agent friendly" and allow the insurance buyer to use the agent of their choice, as long as that agent enrolls in the MyTrueQuote™ system.

In the enrollment process, we verify that each agent is properly licensed, and has current errors and omissions insurance coverage. This helps protect the insurance buyer.

The last step of MyTrueQuote™ is the best of all. Once all the quoting insurance companies have had the opportunity to input their quote information, we give them all the "Last Look". In the insurance business this means that an insurance company can see their competition's bid, and then has the opportunity to revise their premium. This information is then presented to the insurance buyer on the Quote Matrix™, which is a side by side comparison of the insurance companies' bids. The insurance buyer, with or without the help of their agent, can then select which policy they wish to purchase. At that point, the insurance company and the insurance agent are immediately notified, and they will take it from there. MyTrueQuote™ simply gives you powerful information which helps you in your selection process.

In conclusion, MyTrueQuote™ is designed to bring the insurance buyer quality insurance coverage, at the very best of price. We also bring you information on the Insurance Company, the Agent, and anything in their relationship that might have previously influenced the placement of your policy with a certain insurance company. You will also know how much your agent is being paid for their services as an agent. This will help prevent excessive fees being charged to the insurance buyer.

Simply put, the insurance buyer is now in charge.