Insurance Buyers

MyTrueQuote™ has been designed to provide "full-disclosure" to the insurance buyer.

It is important for the insurance buyer to know that MyTrueQuote™ is not an insurance agency, and we have nothing to sell you. As far as the insurance buyer is concerned, we are a free service.

As the consumer you select your agent, and your insurance company - it's all up to you.

MyTrueQuote™ has been designed to give you, the consumer, in-depth information regarding your quotes. This includes not only your premium, but revenue that is paid to your agent, and information about the insurance companies that quote your coverage.

Imagine - you will know what your agent knows, and sometimes even more.

Let's be honest - there are quite a few things insurance buyers just don't know. MyTrueQuote™ discloses those things that go on "behind the scenes". Now you will have access to all information - no more secrets.

Commission MyTrueQuote™ discloses commission amount paid to your agent by the insurance company.
Production Requirements Some agents may have production requirements with certain insurance companies, and this may influence your agent when you are presented with your insurance quotes. MyTrueQuote™ discloses any production requirements on the Quote Matrix™.
Profit Sharing Some insurance companies offer profit sharing agreements to agents, and again, this may influence your agent when placing your business. MyTrueQuote™ discloses any profit sharing arrangements with agents on the Quote Matrix™.
Market Knowledge Some Insurance Agents simply don't know which insurance companies specialize in Homecare and Hospice liability coverage. This means that you may not have the best coverage available, and you may be overpaying for your policy.
Historical Problem Area As you know, your agent is paid commission by the insurance company. Commission amounts differ, but are basically a percentage of the premium you have paid. There are plenty of instances where agents may have multiple quotes for their client, but may not present them all to their client. With MyTrueQuote™, you will know how many insurance companies want your business.
Broker Fees Many clients are charged "broker fees" by their agents. While this may be the agent's only source of income, we have seen many times when agents are paid commission by the insurance company, then add a broker fee in addition to further increase their income. MyTrueQuote™ provides full disclosure when it comes to agent income.

Problem Solved

After your information is input into MyTrueQuote™, you will receive the "Quote Matrix™". All information on the Quote Matrix™ is entered by the insurance company, and no agent can edit or otherwise control the information you will see on the Quote Matrix™. You will be able to view coverage information, insurance company rating information, production requirement / profit sharing information, and premium. You will then be able to choose which company to do business with, and this can save you thousands of dollars.

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