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How to use this free service:

  1. As a buyer, simply register and select an agent. If your agent hasn't already registered for MyTrueQuote™, you can have MyTrueQuote™ send him or her an email invitation to register.
  2. Next, complete your application. This can be done by you, the buyer, or your agent.
  3. Multiple insurance companies will receive your completed application and will respond through the Quote Matrix™. You will receive more information than you probably ever have in the past.
  4. Choose your Policy. Once you review the Quote Matrix™, you will see what coverages are offered, and will be able to read the underwriter's notes. When you decide which policy you would like to purchase, just click "Buy Policy". At that time, your agent and the insurance company will be notified of your choice. They will take care of the rest.
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